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Living Lagom Design is located in Milford, CT and offers full-service styling and design services on all levels - whether you need help in just one room or your whole home. We blend different styles (unique to the homeowner) with the end result being a balanced home that feels “just right.”  Each job is custom designed to your lifestyle and desired level of functionality.  We take that idea you have, and bring it to life.

Katie Geddes is the founder of Living Lagom Design, and has been in design for over 15 years. Her “thing” is integrating a variety of design elements, and lots of them (at last count, her home had 9 different styles).  You know that feeling when you walk into a room, and you find yourself lingering because it's so relaxing and interesting?  That is what she strives for in each and every design project.  That irresistible room.