- design services -

So how does all this work, what do I offer, and how much will it cost? These are the big questions I hear, mostly because every design studio works differently. I get it, it can be confusing - especially since everyone’s design situation is different. Truthfully, my approach for each client is customized to their specific need. But, there is a basic framework to get the process started (see below). And as for cost, I prefer to be open and transparent from the beginning, which is why I list my hourly fee right here on my website.

step 1

Connect with me - click here to schedule a free phone consultation.

step 2

Once I receive your email, I will contact you to set up a brief phone call to discuss your design needs, how I can help, and my pricing structure (I charge an hourly fee of $125/hr).

step 3

I will send you an online design questionnaire to fill out. This will give me a complete picture of your home, lifestyle, family members, design tastes, and of course the ultimate goal for your home.

step 4

Once I receive your completed questionnaire, we will set up an in-person meeting in your home to assess your current design situation. We will discuss your overall vision, and review all your ideas. After seeing your home, I will forward a custom proposal and contract. The proposal will outline your design goal for the space(s), and estimated design fee and soft furnishings budget.

step 5

From here, I really get to work. I take the learnings from steps 1-4 and start designing your space(s). I’ll create design boards, floor plans, and source all furnishings and accessories - which I’ll present to you for approval. Once I receive your sign off, I’ll place all orders, manage shipping timelines, and schedule final installation. This is where the magic happens, and our ideas come to life. The end result will be a beautifully balanced home that feels “just right.”   

- additional services -


Oh no – you don’t live in CT??  That’s okay…I offer an e-design service!  If you’re comfortable with working over email, sharing your Pinterest boards and executing the design plans yourself, this will be fun!  I’ll provide a design board, plans and links to where you can buy everything.  

home staging

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Home staging is guaranteed to make your listing stand out. Staged homes sell three times faster and are typically appraised at full value. Living Lagom Design collaborates with the The Room Doctor, the leading staging company in CT. Click here for more information.

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