Show & Tell: 3 Things I’m Loving Now

Okay, I need to be honest and call this out - I missed two months of my “Show & Tell” blog. Yup, July and August got the best of me.  I felt like I was drowning in work and life in general, and barely coming up for air. But...I’m here now (in September), ready to share the three things I’m loving now. Ready, set, go...

I found the most perfect, pretty peacock dish from Target. Super versatile. It can hold your jewelry, paper clips, or my favorite - the perfect spot to burn your sage bundle. I get so many compliments on this little piece, and it’s dirt cheap!

Guess what’s back in style? OVERALLS!! Oh yeah...and this Maine girl couldn’t be happier. I haven’t worn them since middle school. Thankfully the style has changed a bit and they offer a “skinny fit” that hugs the curves and has a more feminine approach. These ones from Madewell are so incredibly comfortable AND flattering. 

I’m pretty sure every one of my “Show & Tell” blog posts will include at least one book, and this post’s book selection is Gypset Living by Julia Chaplin. She explores the homes of bohemian artists, designers and fascinating people all over the world, from Greece to Hawaii. The photography is exquisite and the stories provocating. The perfect addition to your coffee table book collection.

Well that’s a wrap! What are you loving this month?