What I’m Loving Now

I decided that once a month I’m going to blog about the things I’m loving, a show and tell if you will. These things won’t be exclusively design related, they’ll be anything from beauty products to books. Whatever I’m loving that month! So let’s kick off the first edition...

1. First up...this glass decanter from Target. On the weekends I always put out a water pitcher on the kitchen counter for anyone that may be thirsty - the kids, guests, me.  Usually I put in cucumber spears, but it depends on what’s in the fridge (mint and strawberries are pretty yummy as well). This decanter is super stylish and affordable. In fact I’ve seen similar styles nearly ten times the price. It can also hold wine, bourbon, or whatever drink that tickles your fancy. And I just love the solid wood stopper - so different and cool.

2. Sunday Forever is the brainchild of a dear friend of mine, and every curated product she has is better than the next. I may or may not own one of everything on her website. I’m obsessed with ALL of her stuff ALL of the time, but this month, her Coconuts perfume is at the top. Every time I wear it (which is every day in the summer), I receive at least one compliment - every time - without fail. I promise, there is no other coconut scent as pure as this. This scent was a labor of love and took her over a year to master, collaborating with a master perfumer in NYC. It contains notes of pure toasted coconut, a hint of fig, yellow orchid, vanilla flower, sandalwood, orris root, soft musk, and citrus zest. 

3. If you have read any of my other blogs you know by now that I have a serious obsession with books, more specifically, coffee table books. I had my eye on this beauty for a few months but it was out of stock on Amazon. Ibiza Bohemia. I was determined to wait it out and get the Prime shipping. Well I finally got it and it was well worth the wait. The beautiful quality of the book, the imagery, beautiful words...and that NEON PINK. The ultimate coffee table book.

Well that about wraps up this June edition of "Show & Tell."  Boy, was it tough narrowing down some of my favorites to three - I have so many!  I would love to hear from you...what are YOU loving right now?