Spring Edit: Rattan Roundup

When I see rattan, my mind is instantly transported to the TV set of the greatest show of ALL TIME.  The Golden Girls.  I religiously watched it with my Nana (who had an uncanny resemblance to Sophia and swore like her too).  If you watch it now (and I still do on Sundays, not kidding), then you know that every joke delivered is timeless, and is still just as funny now, as it was back then.  Classic stuff.  But one thing you may not remember is that Blanche's house was filled with rattan furniture (very Miami at the time).  And although the furniture style has changed since then, rattan is still very much on trend, and dare I say - classic.  Just like this show.

Look at all the rattan!!

Look at all the rattan!!

I feel like every where I shop lately (in store or online), every blog or magazine I read, rattan pops up. And since it's Spring time, this is the perfect opportunity to pick up a few rattan pieces, small or large, to lighten up your decor and prepare for the warmer months ahead. 

Here's quick little FYI about rattan:  it's a naturally growing vine-like species that is native to tropical areas.  There are over 600 different species!  The best part about rattan is that it's lightweight, durable and flexible - making it the perfect material for furniture. 

So let's look at some super cool pieces.  Here is a roundup of my faves.  I hope you like...and as always if you need help with your home styling, drop us a line.




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