5 Steps to a Kick Ass Entryway

The entryway is kind of like the misfit stepchild. Overlooked, ignored...importance not readily apparent. Well I’m here to tell you - don’t ignore this space! It’s the first thing you see when you get home after a long day. Have it welcome you, hug you even - imagine it’s your personal butler. Remember, your home should be a soft place to land at the end of the day.

I could write a 1,000 word blog on entryways (yes I like them that much). But I know your time is precious, so consider this the Cliff’s Notes version. 5 steps to a kick ass entryway. Big or small (because let’s be honest, most of us DON’T have a ton of room), these steps will build the foundation.

Photo Source @dabito

1.) The perfect rug. It needs to be durable and just the right color so it doesn’t show stains, dirt, etc.  It also can’t be too small or too big, or too plush and thick (because it needs to fit under the door, silly). There’s nothing worse when you walk into someone’s house (and they’re a ”shoes off” house), and you’re balancing on one foot trying to get your shoes off on a rug the size of a postage stamp. Give your guests - and yourself - some wiggle room.

My latest obsession? Ruggable.com.  They’re constantly adding new styles and you literally throw the rug right in the washer. Perfection.  

pic 2.jpg

2.) Basket and/or shoe tray to congregate the messy shoes. Go to Homegoods and check out their massive basket section. Get something that catches your eye and fits your space. Affordable and easy peasy. If you have the space for a boot tray, I highly recommend it. Especially for those who live through the winter season. Get something made of metal, copper perhaps, and then fill it with river rocks. Looks super cool. Not sure where to get river rocks? Michael’s sells them by the bundles, and then you can fill in gaps with found elements on your travels such as sea glass, rocks and shells. 

I purchased my boot tray at Wayfair.  I’ve had it for almost ten years and it’s still looking great.  

pic 1.jpg

3.) Small table or console with a catchall.  Yup, the dumping grounds for your keys, mail, and reminders. No more searching for your keys in your coat pockets or purse.  If you have a table that allows it, a small lamp with a low-voltage bulb on a timer provides a ton of warmth when you walk in the door during the winter months. Who likes walking into a dark house? Trust me, this is a must.

pic 3.jpg

4.) Mirror.  Not only does a mirror make a space feel larger, but it’s also pretty darn convenient to check your teeth for food or your hair before you leave.  Enough said. 

pic 1.jpg

5.) Artwork/object of curiosity/something cool. Now this is the last step and you should have fun with this. It’s the frosting on the cake. It can be anything! It just needs to be something that you really like...think of eye candy. Maybe it’s a print or painting that you can’t take your eyes off of, vase of flowers or plant, beautiful figurine, or a small stack of books.  Whatever it is, it needs to please YOUR eye. 

So that my friend, is the foundation to a kick ass entryway. It’s nearly fool proof. Feel free to add any special touches that tickle your fancy. Make it YOUR style. And if you’re stuck and need help, give us a shout! 

Katie Geddes