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what is lagom?

Lagom (pronounced [‘la:gom]) is a Swedish word for not too much, not too little - just right.
It’s the art of balanced design that’s simple and subjectively “perfect.”

At Living Lagom Design, we like to mix. That’s our special sauce - think of us as home design mixologists. We blend many design styles (because who likes just one design aesthetic?), and we mix old furniture with new. I’m talking traditional, boho, eclectic, mid-century, modern - all of these can be artfully layered giving your home soul, balance and style that is unique to you.

Our other love? Organization. I know it doesn’t sound glamorous, but thoughtfully curating a space with this in mind is a game changer. It’s great when a room looks beautiful, but it’s amazing when it’s beautiful and helps your life stay in order and preserves your sanity. One of our favorite parts of the design process is rolling up our sleeves, digging in and getting things in order - it’s about creating a quality of life that provides function and allure.

So check things out! Look at the pretty pictures, read the blog…so glad you stopped by.

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Don’t be afraid to experiment - not everything has to match. A house that is 100% perfect is rarely full of charm.
— Rebecca De Ravenel

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